Dear artists in Neukölln,

We look forward to you presenting the art location of Neukölln with us. On this homepage the complete process of registration and application for the Neuköllner Produktion and Neuköllner Kunstpreis can be made. The following functions are available to you:

• Registrate as a user

• Application for the Neuköllner Kunstpreis from August 12th until September 24th 2017.

• Registration for open studios of the Neuköllner Produktion until November 30th 2017.                                         

• Create and link the location for your artist profile.

• Create a location for your open studio so that it shows on the map.

On the right side you will find important information and tips that will help with the individual steps of the process. We have tried to make everything understandable and ask you to use the references on the homepage. 

Additionally, we have written a detailed FAQ and in due course we will supply short video tutorials for use that answers important questions. If you still have questions, please call the Neuköllner Produktion team at 030 / 68 24 78 -21.

Have fun with your preparations

Dr. Martin Steffens, Thorsten Schlenger and the Neuköllner Produktion team



Until November 24th 2017 you have the opportunity to apply for the Neukölln Art Award 2018 with a chosen work.



Presentation and opening of the Neuköllner Kunstpreis and the exhibition of the 10 nominated artists on Friday, January 20th 2018 at 7 pm in the Galerie im Saalbau.

• Event dates of the Neuköllner Produktion- Open Studios: January 20th until January 21th Opening times: Saturday and Sunday from 12am until 5 pm.

• Application time frame for the Neuköllner Kunstpreis is until September 24th 2017.

• Registration time frame for open studios of the Neuköllner Produktion is until November 30th 2017.



• Artists who have their work space or studio in Neukölln in the last 6 months are eligible to apply only if they make their studios accessible to the public during the event times.

• Artists who apply for the artaward are obliged to open thei studio during the Neuköllner Produktion.

• The submission conditions for the Neuköllner Kunstpreis can to be found and downloaded here.



• Only rooms that are used for art production will be accepted as studio locations.

• Private rooms are allowed if the focus is on artistic production.



• Excluded are bars, cafés and other comparable business premises with clear commercial offers.

• Non-compliance of opening times and other important agreements will lead to exclusion of any further participation.

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